Waiting For Me At Home

They say don’t shop around when you got the good shit at home. And when you have a sexy ebony wife to come home to that looks like this is pretty hard to want to go and shop around for anything better, I love when she puts on my tie and then lets me use it to tie her up and have some light bondage sex with her. She loves being tied up and blindfolded and when we do that it is by far the best sex we usually have in the month.

Take it all in…

Pics of a beautiful woman taking the full length of a cock in her mouth are probably some of the hottest ones you can get that will put you in the mood to masturbate. Well that or getting a blowjob, either way it will inspire the horny mofo in you to get something happening. Something like this image will just make you want to also take a few shots of the blowjob to remember and keep for those times you’re alone and horny and in need of some inspiration.

Sex On The Beach With This Beauty

If you have ever been to a nudist beach you know that it’s not always all about sex I mean sometimes it is but a lot of the time it’s about being free. I met this hot Latina who just so happened to be sunbathing and I asked her if I could take her picture, who wouldn’t want to forget a face like that. She had this sick tattoo and the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. I made the day better by taking her back to my hotel room and worshiped her sexy body for the rest of my vacation.

Shani and her red dildo

I met this chick on a social media site the other night and we really hit it off. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and was feeling pretty down and out and lonely. I suggested a bit of self-love never hurt anyone and that dildos were better than men since they can continue going after you cum. She like that idea a lot so she sent me a pic of her before she started giving herself a expertly performed orgasm.

Whacking off to a slutty girl

Porn junkies love nothing more than to be whacking off to a slutty girl that likes it hardcore. Hardcore can be anything that is out of the “vanilla” world, so a one man deep penetration of both her ass and pussy is certainly something to be considered hardcore. Even more so hardcore is if the girl gets all XXX on you and does some ass to mouth shit where she sucks your cock after it has been in her ass. I doubt any readers here could find a man that doesn’t enjoy the thought of his cock going from a tight asshole to a sweet mouth.